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While i was looking extensively for online Spanish language course i stumbled upon this program Rocket Spanish Language. I found it interesting & was fully satisfied to start with as it has initial free trial to start with. I like the program personally & found that reviewing rocket spanish for the beginners would help – check the review below

Rocket Spanish Review

First i was skeptic about this online courses thinking that it is going to be just another program of language learning but so much written about this program , i thought to a try to free trial .
To my shocking the platform has been well built & designed to help students from all walks of the life. The program goes well for the people who are looking for learning the Spanish as they are traveling, change their business or students who are studying, the program is well segmented to help all kinds of students.
When i look in more details this company is not a small tutorial firm with few videos that have put online, but their program has been scientifically designed with help of top language experts and each year they upgrade their program for their upcoming needs of the students. They have added so much in such a way that even a novice tech user may find it easy to move ahead with the language program.

Rocket Spanish Course- the good (#pros)

The Rocket Spanish is available in desktop & app version which include android & IOS app. Entire application keeps you engaged & motivated through out the program.
Program has interactive audio lessons at all levels of program, this makes easier to learn, each audio lesson is just around 20 minutes making it easier to grasp. Lessons have audio test lessons that help reinforce their newly learned language skills, this is according to us the most important feature as this improves your communicative skills if you stick to  your daily routine this build your great skills.The programs can easily be used when you are commuting or traveling . So learning is happening on the go.
 Screenshot for Spanish Audio Learning Program
We believe if you are going on vacation the audio lessons will brush up your skills. Lessons are well divided on “Things we do” so to understand , various lessons are conversation of two people, so learning happens fast. This is very well designed course which other courses we reviewed misses and we believe this is true differentiation.
Program has PDF book also with each lesson for in-depth coverage, so it help if some body is looking for more in detail coverage.
Whole program has quizzes , flash cards & other test’s that reinforces the learning.
With Rocket Language Program you can learn Spanish online with audio & voice recognition.
All this integrates very well with the personal tracker which tracks the complete progress of lessons complete or in progress.
Further course is supported with 24/7 Lifetime with team of teachers to help you. It is also covered with all future upgrades.
This being 100% online course you can access any time, there is no software or DVD to install.
 Spanish language course

Rocket Spanish – the bad (#cons)

Well we had hard time looking for bad or cons for rocket Spanish. Only thing we could find that does not works out is the course is available online. Physical stores do not sell this program.
This program being online you need to be connected to internet to access it.
There are no online coupons available for Rocket Spanish


Is this course for you – Check this.

  • If you are Individual planning to travel to spanish speaking countries the program is right for you
  • If you are want to learn to speak & write spanish for your school & colledge assignments this program is right for you
  • If you have friends, colleagues, that you would like to speak effectively then Rocket Spanish is the right program for you.
  • Are you complete beginner to spanish program, this is right program
  • If you are low on budget for Private tutor , then this is great spanish beginner course.

Rocket Spanish Review vs Rosetta Stone Spanish

Rosetta Stone Spanish program is big name but it lacks certain important aspects of the language learning. It misses the audio lessons with voice recognition facility. It does not have cultural lessons available which is bit discouragement for the travelers & who want to concentrate on communicative Spanish. It does not give lifetime access , so you are time bound to finish the program, you can not work with your own pace. Further it is not backed by 60-day money back guarantee which puts me hold even for trying the program.

Rocket Languages vs Pimsleur

Pimsleur does not have apps, voice recognition
Pimsleur does not have cultural lessons, flash cards
Pimsleur is subscription based payment
rocket Spanish vs fluenz
rocket languages vs duolingo

Conclusion with Rocket Spanish

The course is very well designed if you follow the structure you are bound to come out learned.
  • It takes you to concentrated self-guided journey
  • It has cultural immersion components that makes it valuable if you are traveling.
  • It makes you practice in various ways this reinforces your learning.
  • It helps to be more communicative.
  • It is bang for your buck
  • More over it comes with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Overall it is great self-learning tool that makes your communicative Spanish strong.
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