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Well i am in for my wife, If you have not started up till now you need to. There is no reason to be jumping around, freeze on the best method & jump in. Most people just hop around looking for free Spanish resources, this simply a waste of their time each teacher has different method , most important free always start from the basics. How you are going to move ahead when you are not moving ahead & simply sticking to the basics.

So it is better you find your best online course & move with it.

1) Define a goal

  • You just want to learn vocabulary as you are traveling to Spanish speaking country
  • You want to learn Spanish as that is subject in next course, you need to be fluent with spanish
  • You just want to communicate with Spanish team at office, you want to learn the basics
  • You want to have fun learning Spanish as you like it

Each of the above goal is different, requires different type of course & commitment . So when you are starting to learn Spanish or just any other language you need to have clear goals in place, what you want to achieve. it is time to be specific.

Decide on how good you want to get in the Spanish.

Know what you want to achieve, most people fail to know what they want to achieve, that put them nowhere.
Put a measurable goal so you can benchmark it. A good example would be ” I should be able to listen Spanish movies”.

Decide how much time you will spend on learning, so you know what is achievable. Put some motivation attached to your learning once you complete your daily task.

2) Focus on your goal

keep focus on your goal , only learn what you want to achieve. Find a course that suits your goal , if you are going for travel you do not need to learn grammar a daily usage vocabulary should be fine to start.

Make sure your course teaches & help you with that, else you would be spending lot of unnecessary time & energy learning that would not be helpful.

3) Take a online Spanish course

Once you are focused on your goal, now is the right time to evaluate course & buy one. So invest in online course that can help you achieve the goal.

4) Put in Daily Routine

Put the course you have taken in daily routine , it could be as low as 20 minutes, but freeze that time slot in your routine. Unless you practice you will not start learning, extend that time when required.

5) Start communicating

Language can be learn by communicating. So start implementing your newly learned language skills to communicate. Communication does not mean only talking. Listening is also important part of communication. Start with listening to movies, dramas, audios, this will help you.

Check out our latest review of online Spanish course , there are three different programs each one suited for the different needs.

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