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My wife going for new degree

My wife had been doing good in her professional career. But in last few months she felt her career been stuck by because of degree. so after discussion with me she has been planning for the higher studies. Looking at the business school curriculum one of the language class made her worried.

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New language to learn – Spanish  


Learning language in mid thirties seems challenge but it is she has picked up for advancement, she has to undertake. Within few months she would be facing home work, interview , oral exams & school exams all in Spanish language. She has to go from total beginner to a person who can speak or translate the language very well.

Looking her worried i promised myself helping my wife with her Spanish language classes before her schools starts.
I am not sure fluency would be achievable for here in few months but i had to help so at least she gets a better grade in Spanish class as she move ahead. So my goal over the weekend became to help her with this language class. So i figured out what all could be done by the beginner to start with Spanish.

Spanish is one of the most used language spoken by 442 million people world wide with spoken in 21 countries & territories. The figures impressed me & excited me that learning a new language can open.

MY Spanish Language Beginners Agenda

  •  Learn Spanish language for beginners
  •  Download some good Spanish language apps
  •  Look for some Online Spanish Language Courses

Where to start to learn shall i start buying a books or jump online courses there are several of them. The online is just flooded with variety available. I am sure going by the book she would be yawning soon. Language learning should be fun & easy with so much multimedia enhancement & all this attached to a assessment tool to check the progress would be really great.

In my next post I am looking to start from the basic of the language & further we go to explore the online lessons available & some free available resources.

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