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When it comes to learn the language first thing that comes is How To learn Spanish online, Where to learn the Spanish language. But just last week when my wife told me about the course, I was tempted to further explore the program. I went deeper into the interface lot of interesting things came up. Which I thought I would like to share with you.
The course is very well divided into the modules, you can hop around as per your choice.The course does not teaches you in boring manner but is fully interactive, Once you start putting in 27 minutes daily in it, you will learn fast to speak Spanish.We found it best program online for beginners to learn Spanish online.

Each module has lessons & they are further divided into various types of content which include pdf books, audio lessons, quiz, translation quiz & voice Recognition facility.The facility has interactive keyboard as well to practice written lessons.

Audio lessons help you to make listen to words & sentence, this make easy to learn & it adds also the fun to language learning which at times i thought was a boring task.

Voice Recognition also comes embedded in Rocket language Spanish program which makes you comfortable by starting with the words, then moving towards the sentence.

This goes pro when you are asked to play a character & talk to another character. (we loved this feature).This features is a game changer itself for beginner as it make easy to talk to fellow person. So this is well recommend for the people who are going for traveling

Complete course has TO Do list & gamification features which keeps you motivated through the program.Once you complete the program with proper test, you even get certificate of achievement. I also realized the site works lot better with google chrome.

If you are serious about learning Spanish fast without wasting time you should take a trial that comes with 60-day money back guarantee.

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